"Congratulations on giving it a go and producing such a great essential oil." 

Natalie. (Leichardt, NSW)

"I have suffered with tinea for years until I starting using your Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil and I haven"t looked back. I am stoked!" 

David (Newcastle, NSW)

"You have me convinced! It is a great product with so many uses."

 Frank (Laurieton, NSW)

"I have suffered with fungal infections on my nails for the past thirty years it was not until I used the Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil that I finally have it under control! Thank you!" 

Debra (Forster, NSW)

"The oil has such a clear distinct and uplifting fragrance when I use it in an oil burner during my yoga classes." Fiona (Mosman, NSW)

"I use the oil to clean the house, in my mop bucket, the dishwasher, disinfecting the toilet ..you name it and I can find a use for it!"

 Merrilyn ( Castle Hill, NSW)

"My daughter's acne has improved out of sight." 

Joanne (Forster, NSW)

"I wish I had used the oil as a pet rinse ages ago, as it has stopped the fleas plus he smells so much better because of the natural lemon fragrance." 

James (South West Rocks, NSW)

"It's encouraging to see natural products making such a comeback - we're all waking up at last! Good on you."

Natalie (Bellingen, NSW)

"You don't have to convince the converted, I wouldn't be without a bottle."

Heather (Pacific Palms, NSW)

"I find it an excellent deterrent against cockroaches and ants in my kitchen."

Lisa (South West Rocks, NSW)

"The oil is just great to add to a carrier oil for massaging. My clients enjoy the fresh lemon fragrance when I use the oil in a vapouriser when they come for their treatment"

Ian (Gladstone, NSW)

"With all the allergies people attract these days it is not a wonder that we are going back to the natural products. Well done."

Nick (Padstow, NSW)

"I suffer badly from bee stings and the Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil really relieved it when I was stung" 

Tasha, (Wauchope, NSW)

"You don't have to convince me, I'm already converted, it's a great product"

Ron (Blackhead, NSW)

"I use your oil mainly for cleaning and it is sensational!"

Lynette (Wauchope, NSW)

"You were right it got rid of that fungal infection on my toes!" 

Geoff (Forster, NSW)

"We use it in our office in oil burners because it creates a fresh and invigorating fragrance throughout" 

Jim (Wingham, NSW)

"It's magic for sandfly bites! It really takes that itch away and stops me scratching them. It also works on ant bites I've noticed, I'll be back for more" 

Janelle ( South West Rocks, NSW)

"Tea Tree was used to stop infections in World War II, but this Lemon Scented one even has a great smell!"

 Eric W (Taree, NSW)

"The oil is an excellent product to spray in the coolrooms I install and maintain. It prevents bacteria and mould, you should try it on your fridge seals at home." 

Mark (Darlinghurst, NSW)

Customer Testimonials

Comparison of the Lemon

Scented Tea Tree seedlings in foreground with the more common Tea Tree in the background

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Our 100% pure Lemon Scented Tea Tree Essential Oil is available in 10 ml and 30 ml bottles complete with spill proof dripolators