Bonny Beach Plantation is a family owned business started by Jeff and Tineke Trotter in 1998. Their focus was on producing and marketing 100% pure Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil (Lepstospermum petersonii). It was a single Lemon Scented Tea Tree growing in their garden that produced a delightfully fresh and natural lemon fragrance each time Jeff mowed, which sparked their interest. 

The idea of producing a pure and natural organic Australian product with a multitude of uses, as well as providing this fresh lemon scent appealed to their senses. With the opportunity to utilise their lifestyle acreage located between Bonny Hills and Lake Cathie (20km south of Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of NSW), they set out to fulfil their vision. After 18 months of research and making endless enquiries - the first sod was turned.

An initial successful hand planting of 10000 seedlings in 1998, saw a further 10000 seedlings planted 12 months later, covering a total of 2 hectares. The environmentally sound conditions -a combination of rich volcanic soil and the mild climate of the Mid North Coast of NSW has allowed these native Australian Lemon Scented Tea Trees to thrive.

Background Information

Full grown Lemon Scented Tea Tree in blossom.

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The seedlings were planted 400mm apart with rows 1.6m apart and a trickle irrigation system installed to water the seedlings. Clover was planted between the rows to reduce evaporation and for weed control as well as adding nitrogen to the soil. The trees are carefully nurtured and pruned each year to produce a high quality yield.

The trees are harvested at the end of each year during the hotter months. The process takes 6-7 days and the oil is distilled into stainless steel drums on the property. The 'lemon scented' aroma that fills the air during the harvest is delightful. Each litre of oil produced by Bonny Beach Plantation requires approximately 100kgs of leaf to be harvested and distilled.

The 100% essential oil is stored in stainless steel drums and to maintain quality control the oil from each harvest is sent to a laboratory to be analysed and documented. The pure oil is then sold directly through our online shop, to smaller manufacturers, retailers and also at produce and community markets and events.

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Our 100% pure Lemon Scented Tea Tree Essential Oil is available in 10 ml and 30 ml bottles complete with spill proof dripolators